Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wanted Star CLEO MOD(better than cheats)

It's better than gta cheat,explanation?read more!!

How to Use:
Tab+0= wanted star 0,max wanted level 0( Aezakmi Cheats )
Tab+1= wanted star 1,max Wanted level 6
Tab+2= wanted star 2,max Wanted level 6
Tab+3= wanted star 3,max Wanted level 6
Tab+4= wanted star 4,max wanted level 6
Tab+5= wanted star 5,max Wanted level 6
Tab+6= wanted star 6,max Wanted level 6
Remember,should be pressed together.
when you use one of the cheats,it will shown a particle effect.

How to Install:
U need CLEO Library,then copy the .cs file to your CLEO folder in your gta sa directory.

Download Via Mediafire

Coming up soon: Health + Armor super fast refill(Cheater only)


  1. Your mods looks awesome.But what your using effects ?

    1. Cuz the effects look good with "Overdose Effect" maybe not so good from the default SA.Well, if you doesn't like the effects i will make without the effects version.


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